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TheReino del Color is a place full of magic, harmony and of course... color! The Ekos have inhabited this realm for thousands of years and have discovered how to develop unrivaled magical powers through sound.

The most advanced warriors of the kingdom use these magical powers to keep the gray clouds away from Egon, the evil sorcerer who wants to steal the color from everything in the universe! 

Let's discover together how to develop your unique powers through music...

Skills you develop

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music development

Language and communication

Logical-mathematical thinking

knowledge of the world

Motor development

Personal development

Artistic expression

How does it work?

The program must be applied by a Certified Pakinda Guide who will have the necessary knowledge and skills toguide each trainee or group through the plot  story "The Kingdom of Color", and apply activities according to their abilities and learning style.

The Guide will gradually reveal to the apprentices a story that progresses as the learning corresponding to each illustration is acquired. Each situation of the plot allows the introduction of new concepts for which the guide applies group or individual dynamics, uses music, instruments and exercises that allow the apprentice to advance in their learning process.

What do you offer?

The program has narrative songs, audio exercises and songs that are part of a repertoire that presents musical elements, trains the learner's ear and rhythmic skills, facilitates understanding and memorization, etc...

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The trained Guide will follow a personalized plan, apply individual activities and group dynamics, evaluate and set objectives according to the needs of each group or apprentice.

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Activities & dynamics

The portfolio of powers allows each learner to mark their achievements and needs, allows them to create their own learning path, which motivates them and makes them responsible for their own process.

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powers folder

Animated videos are a great way to introduce topics and encourage participation. 

But you will also have a large number of videos that you can watch to guide you or to enrich your training as a teacher, therapist, etc...

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Animated Videos and Tutorials

The program follows principles of integral thinkers such as Montessori, Dewey, among others; setting the
exploration and play as a basis for learning. The didactic material allows the apprentice to compose music from a young age, understand theoretical notions, serves as visual-kinesthetic support and allows each apprentice to explore according to what catches their attention, allowing each one to advance at their own pace and favoring creative processes.

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Teaching materials

Basic Musical Profile - Graduate Profile

At the end of the three levels of the program, the apprentice will have the following skills and knowledge that make up the

Basic Musical Profileby Pakinda Music

Sound qualities:

  • You will recognize silence as a listening and communication tool.

  • You will recognize silence as a musical tool.

  • You will be able to recognize, name and classify the different qualities of sound.

  • You will recognize and use sound qualities as a tool to communicate non-verbally.

  • Identify and classify different sound sources and musical instruments.


  • You will identify the pulse and its tempo by adjusting your body movements to it.

  • It will differentiate between pulse and rhythmic figure.

  • You will be able to execute different rhythmic figures respecting a beat and recognizing its notation.

  • You will understand and perform advanced rhythmic concepts based on the Hindu rhythmic system (Konnakkol) as it allows for superior development of mathematical and musical skills.

  • You will be able to intelligently use the different timbres that a percussion instrument has.

  • You will dedicate special effort to knowing and controlling the capacities of your nervous system to ensure that your executions have a good timing.


  • You will perceive, recognize and produce the different tones of a musical scale.

  • You will recognize the height and directionality of the sound.

  • You will be able to decode the different pitches of a simple melody recognizing different modes and scales.

  • You will be introduced through the game to music theory concepts including

  • He will be able to play various melodies with his voice and a tempered musical instrument.

General musical skills

  • You will identify and produce patterns recognizing its different elements present or missing.

  • It will strengthen your auditory and musical imagination.

  • You will recognize your voice and body as a musical instrument.

  • You will learn the basic operation of your vocal apparatus, developing it to explore all its capabilities.

  • They will recognize the structure of a piece of music and will be able to compose simple pieces proposing a coherent structure.

  • You will be able to improvise and communicate using a musical language.

  • They will be able to make music together recognizing values such as teamwork, respect, communication, listening, authenticity and empathy.

  • You will identify and understand symbols that make up Western music notation.

  • You will be able to synchronize aural and muscular sensations.

  • You will achieve creative and authentic expression by recognizing yourself as an individual with unique abilities and limitations.

  • You will be able to sing accompanied by percussion instruments or body rhythmic patterns.

  • You will be able to compose melodies or exercises through a conscious and intelligent use of the musical elements learned to communicate and express specific ideas or emotions.

Personal skills

  • Will constantly work on self-regulation and self-assessment.

  • You will recognize the existence of an internal world as real as the external one and contará with tools to explore it andself-knowledge

  • Recognize the existence of a mental world and its functions (mindfulness).

  • You will recognize their different perceptual abilities.

  • You will recognize and develop your creative capacity.

  • You will take responsibility as a co-creator of the environment.

Are you interested in your child taking online classes?

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Based on the interactive story “El Reino del Color®”, this program consists of three levels of training after which each apprentice will have obtained the skills and knowledge corresponding to our basic musical profile.

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No requirements to start
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​More than 400 activities
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Teaching materials
Aimed at preschool and lower primary ages

I want to teach this to my students, how do I get certified?

The Kingdom of Color is preferred by many institutions and teachers since the training and certification system is very friendly even for teachers who do not have previous musical knowledge.


During your certification process you will learn about the philosophy and pillars that support the activities of the program, we will show you how to use the story and the platform to organize your teaching and we will answer your questions according to specific interests.

The training course includes videos for you to progress at your own pace and a meeting of approximately 2 hours by zoom to address specific questions (of course we will be available for you if you need more time then or later).

Are you interested in applying the program in your classes?

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