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Konnakkol Kids

This is the Pakinda Musik program that parents and teachers are most curious about, Konnakkol is a rhythmic art that comes from India and has gradually gained the attention of musicians and educators in the West, since it not only works on rhythmic and musical skills formidable, but it makes our minds quicker than ever, especially our concentration and arithmetic skills. 

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Skills you develop

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music development

Language and communication

Logical-mathematical thinking

knowledge of the world

Motor development

Personal development


How does it work?

Konnakkol is an art from India that will incredibly develop musical, mathematical, language skills, concentration, planning, memory, and much more... It allows us to be alert as well as deep moments of meditation._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

It is a language that surpasses any other rhythmic teaching system in the world. In today's world, a complete musician knows at least the basics of this language, which like any other (Spanish, German, Japanese...) must be learned from its phonemes or syllables (Tha, Dhi, Thom, Nam, KiTa... ), to later form words, phrases and later more complex structures or ideas... These syllables are not arbitrary because each one brings benefits to different areas of our body and mind. 

To check your results you have to experience them... 

This course is endorsed by one of the current great exponents of this art in India: Sri BR Somashekar Jois, and respects an ancient tradition, following the contents of World Konnakkol Academy.


If you are an adult interested in learning this art please go to our associated center Konnakkol Mexico

Hear some Konnakkol

What do you offer?

Audio and Video

The program has audio and video so that the apprentice can practice his lessons at home.

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The trained guide will apply sequenced activities that form the skeleton of this art.

These activities introduce learners to different:


Talas (metric)

Solkattu (syllables)

and rhythmic compositions.

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Activities & dynamics

The program follows principles of integral thinkers such as Montessori, Dewey, among others; setting the
exploration and play as a basis for learning. The didactic material allows the apprentice to compose and understand the arithmetic notions that are worked through rhythm.

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Teaching materials

Are you interested in scheduling a sample class?

I want to teach this to my students. Can I get certified? 

Like all our Pakinda Guides, you will be able to access the agenda of this and the rest of our programs by subscribing to our platform and completing the certification interview. 

Keep in mind, however, that to apply this program you must master the basics of this art, so you must complete the corresponding certification course by meeting with our team once a month for a period of one year until you complete the necessary content. . This usually means a larger investment of time than the rest of our programs require, but it will be worth it! 


Pleasecontact usto clarify all your doubts.  

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