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Maya "Conscious Creativity Workshop"

Based on role-playing game dynamics, the “Maya” ® Creativity Workshop allows us to expand our goal of making each learner aware of their creative capacity. Through imagined adventures, the program allows the participants to get to know themselves, resolve conflicts, socialize with others, work as a team, learn about the world, and recognize themselves as continuous creators of their environment, assuming their responsibility as members of a society.

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online sessions
Beginning at 6 years

Skills you develop


music development

Language and communication

Logical-mathematical thinking

knowledge of the world

Motor development

Personal development

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How does it work?

In the “Maya”® Conscious Creativity Workshop, a Moderator Guide will propose an initial imaginary scenario so that all the members can live co-created and co-imagined adventures in it. The participants will create a character (which opens a large number of doors to work on introspective and socio-affective abilities) that will have certain abilities, tools, knowledge and more... in a campaign in which they live with other characters! The union makes the force! and together they must move forward resolving conflicts, organizing themselves, seeking their own growth for personal and group benefit.


In this magical world, the Guide continually introduces challenges and situations according to what he wants to work with each participant, while he must adapt the scenario and its conditions according to what each of the participants decides (and therefore creates ). As his character advances and transforms (gaining new knowledge and powers), the apprentice will recognize the changes that any organism generates in its environment and the impact that its decisions have on the whole.


In a world with an increasingly unpredictable future, creative ability will undoubtedly be our best educational investment.This program is an amazing platform to boost our ability to create from our instincts and problem solving. Through an elaborate dynamic with seated rules that allow a healthy coexistence and an organized advance, the "Maya" workshop includes art, science, history, mathematics, mindfulness and more...

What do you offer?

The platform to which the participants are integrated allows the Guide to show maps, kingdoms, designs, riddles, villains, situations, etc... in this way the apprentices will have guidelines that allow an organized and always guided game.

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Each apprentice has a board where they write down the characteristics of their character, their points and the powers they develop during their adventures, etc... In addition, each one plays with a set of dice with different
number of sides (3, 4, 6, 10, 20 sides... ) which delights the little ones, since each type of die is used for different purposes.

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game equipment

Graduate Profile

The framework of this workshop allows you to work on the following skills and knowledge.

Knowledge of the world:

  • We will study historical facts and cultures.

  • We will recognize inventions that have shaped our society.

  • We will study different sciences and natural laws, recognizing their impact on our way of life.

Cognitive habilyties:

  • Language and communication skills will be strengthened: listening, concrete expression of ideas, etc...

  • Problem resolution

  • planning

  • Logical-mathematical skills

  • Stimulation of creative processes.

Intrapersonal skills:

  • We will strongly encourage teamwork and collaboration.

  • We will strengthen social skills such as empathy, listening and understanding.

  • We will manage group conflicts practicing good communication, respect, cooperation, etc...

  • We will recognize ethical values that must be respected for a healthy coexistence in society.

  • We will assume our responsibility as co-creators of the environment.

Are you interested in your son joining the online workshop?

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